Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seven on Saturday night

I already wrote this post once and went to turn on my white noise app and lost it. :(

It's 7:15 now on Saturday night and Arie is already sleeping. It's not surprising since he woke up at 7am today.

Tomorrow, for lunch, we are meeting my dad and Kelly at the Original House of Pancakes in Birmingham for lunch to celebrate my birthday. Jack and I are going to split a Dutch baby and I think Arie will have either French toast and fruit or bacon.

Jack painted two coats of primer on Arie's rocking horse today. It's going to look awesome!! It's going to dry for 24+ hours and then Jack can do the first coat of the white semi gloss paint. It's going to look amazing! I am going to buy a blue or red bandana to tie around the horse's neck, or both. It will be a hit at his birthday party! We also need to put together his tricycle.

I made pulled pork in the crockpot today and it was a success! I think I'm going to make it for Arie's birthday party because it is an easy way to feed a bunch of people. Plus cheaper than hot dogs or hamburgers.

For his birthday, I'm still trying to decide if I want to make cupcakes or make a sheet cake. For some reason I have been wanting to make a peanut butter cake and I can't/won't because Gunnar is so severely allergic to peanuts!

I have a chocolate cupcake recipe pinned on Pinterest. I have no idea yet how many people are actually coming to his party. People never RSVP! But, the RSVP by date isn't until the 14th, so I can figure this out then.

I'm not sure if I want to make or buy a cake or cupcakes. I think making would obviously be substantially cheaper and I'm sure it would be just fine.

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