Thursday, February 28, 2013

Teething fever

Arie had a fever all day yesterday and it was below 100.5° the whole day so I just kept an eye on it. I'm fairly certain it's a teething fever because he's been drooling and has his hands in his mouth nonstop.

When trying to go to bed last night, Arie was just tossing and turning and I finally have him some Tylenol. He slept for several hours and woke up at 1am with a soaked diaper. I had a fitted and two bamboo doublers on him and he was still soaked! I was sure he would last until morning in that diaper! Wrong lol

It's 2:20am, and Arie is sleeping, no longer warm with fever. I'm trying to decide when to climb back in bed from the rocking chair.

Today I'm headed to the chiropractor for Arie first thing and then going to a play date and to pick up my Pink Lady. I'm pretty excited about that.

I'm super tired. Time for bed.

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