Saturday, March 30, 2013

28 weeks!

I will be 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I feel amazing. I have a to of energy, I'm feeling super motivated, and the last couple days of sunshine have been fantastic for my mood!

This morning I spent several hours in the kitchen cooking and preparing food. I made a dozen hard boiled eggs for Easter, cut up strawberries, cantaloup, pineapple, kiwi, and blueberries for a fruit salad. I also made 6 mini loafs of banana bread to put 4 in the freezer for after baby. And I made a carrot cake from scratch.

I am compiling dairy free recipes to put in the freezer so that we will have some easy access food for after baby comes.

I can't believe I'm already 28 weeks! If baby's born at 37 weeks, I have 9 weeks to go!! That 9 weeks is going to FLY by, especially with how nice the weather is.

I bought some fabric to make my girlfriend a ring sling for her newborn. I really want to make it ASAP so she can have it. We are planning to visit them in beginning or mid may, so in about 6 weeks! I'm excited!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not Compromising My Faith

In the words of Joe Dirt's Mama, "Is this where you wann' be when Jesus comes back?"

I do not apologize for my beliefs or my convictions as a follower of Christ.  I only answer to One and that's not my friends, family, or neighbors.

I have been googling since Christmas time about ways to handle family that celebrates differently and expects you to compromise what you want and believe for the sake of their beliefs or traditions.  Everywhere out there is little anecdotes saying that maybe as parents, you should compromise your beliefs, try not to be a kill-joy, what's the harm in a little bit of fun?

I cannot teach my child that Santa is real, the Easter Bunny is real, and then try to tell him at the same time that Jesus is real.

In a world that falls further to the dark side every single day, that moves farther away from God's Truth and Righteousness, why would I add to that confusion?

Instagram Dump

I don't like this blog app because it doesn't let me add the pictures right into the blog post, so they will all just be dumped in.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

27 Weeks Pregnant w/#2

This week, Baby is:
13.6 to 14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2.5 pounds

How far along? 27 weeks pregnant!

Due date: 6.23.13

Maternity clothes? yes

Sleep: meh.

Weight gain: +15

Best moment this week:feeling big baby rolling and kicking. The movements are getting bigger and stronger!

Food cravings: Sweets. Still. Ugh.

Movement: Every day.

Symptoms: I have had a pretty good break from just about all nausea and had only a few bouts of vomiting in the last two months or so, but the nausea and vomiting seem to be coming back. Also back pain like crazy, despite my TWO trips to the chiropractor this week.

Labor Signs: no

Stretch Marks: yep, leftover stripes from Arie man

Swelling? No

Belly Button in or out? in but it's starting to get stretched and pop a little!

What I miss: my jeans!

Feeling toward Pregnancy: I don't want to go over where I was when I got pregnant with Arie. I am guessing I only have 9 or 10 weeks left and I'm 15lbs away from that marker. I would be sooooo happy to not go over it.

What I am looking forward to: another midwife appointment tomorrow. I'm picking Jack up on the way so that he can come with me. I'm looking forward to really buckling down and making lists to prepare the house for number two's arrival. Need to start ordering the home birth supplies.

Milestones: Third trimester!!

News: not much new that I can think of :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Breast feeding to One Year

I have been thinking about writing this but haven't had the time to sit at the computer and do it. Of course, I'm still not at the computer but I will give this a try anyway.

I had always planned to breastfeed to a year. The only bump in the road was getting pregnant and expecting my supply to plummet or disappear all together and I have been so blessed to not have that happen!

Not one time has he had a bottle of expressed milk or formula... And I'm proud of myself. I honestly don't think I would have even noticed this milestone or thought of it as an accomplishment had I not encountered such a huge number of nay-Sayers. Probably 80% or more of the people who knew my plans to breastfeed exclusively openly criticized and doubted the ability to do that.

I just wanted to first acknowledge my accomplishment but also share some of my tips and tools that I feel were worth the investment in time and money.

1. Nursing tank tops. I buy the Gillian omalley side sling nursing camisoles from Target. They are usually under $20 each and they are fabulous. I sleep in them and have one one every day. A comfortable nursing tank makes every shirt a nursing friendly shirt.

2. My boppy. When Arie was super tiny to about 3-4 months old, the my Brest Friend pillow was great because it strapped to my body not leaving the dreaded boppy gap. But ever since, I use it daily. I don't NEED it, but any time Arie is going to nap after nursing, he sleeps on my lap, on the boppy. Love it.

3. Nursing bras. Just way more comfortable than pulling aside a regular bra. I also buy these at Target. I have never spent a lot on them. Granted, I'm sure my boobs would have looked nicer in a super well fitted fancy bravado bra, but I was all about breastfeeding on the cheap.

4. Education. I read everything that I could get my hands on about breastfeeding and breast milk. I thoroughly educated myself to the point where failure was not an option and that I would do absolutely everything in my power to breastfeed.

5. Support. My husband's education on breastfeeding was priceless and contributed to his total support. He was there to support me in our mutual decision that I wouldn't even express milk "for others to help feed". We both believed that role belonged to me as long as I wanted it. Also, online communities of like-minded women really helped as a place to go and vent about lack of support or to get more information to educate those around me who were clearly ignorant.

6. Nursing necklace. Basically an unreal able, chewable necklace that baby can play with while nursing.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mom is a 24 hour a day thing

Arie woke up last night at midnight with a fever and super congested. I slept/didn't sleep and held him in the recliner all night so that he could sleep inclined.

He was feeling sick all day today and now we are back at it. He has had two doses of Tylenol, but his fever was only 101.4. He felt like it was much higher.

I changed his diaper and put him in lighter clothes and we turned the fan on low. He is still heavily congested and the two times that I've fallen asleep tonight, he's woke me up gasping or choking on his phlegm. It's so much scarier and harder to care for sick little ones at night.

I barely slept last night and that appears to be on the agenda for tonight too. Jacks alarm goes off in about 4.5 hours so maybe he will get up and rock him so I can sleep for a couple of hours before Jack goes to work.

It sucks with Arie being so congested because he's having a really hard time nursing too. I hate this so much and I wish there was a way I could take it away for him.

My butt hurts though and Arie is laying kind of on my belly and #2 seems pretty ticked about it. I also have to pee really bad, but I'm hoping I can put off moving and peeing for a couple more hours so that Arie gets some quality sleep.

Thank God he is no longer burning up though.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I haven't completed a blog post in a while

I feel like I have been very busy. Arie is on the move, not walking on his own yet but all over the place. That means lots of crashes and falls.

It's 7:20pm on Sunday and he's asleep on me as I rock. I assumed he would go to sleep quickly and early tonight because we went to church this morning and then had a play date walking around the mall at 12 to 3pm, so he completely missed a nap.

I gave the Hyland's teething tablets a try and so far, so good. I'm not quite sure if they do anything but distract him enough to make him stop fussing. I figure that it can't hurt.

We have gone to church the last two Sundays and I have pretty much decided that just because I'm not a fan of the nursery does not mean that I can't enjoy church. Arie listened to Pastor Jim yell and run around. He ate his snack, drank his water and played with his cups on my lap and for the first time pretty much since he was born, I was able to take in the sermon.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant today and getting to the point now nearing the 3rd trimester next week that my pelvis hurts just about all the time. I can't even really describe the way it feels.

Thank God I'm very rarely nauseous or throwing up any more. I feel like I have pretty high energy for my situation.

I'm really trying and wanting to buckle down with my diet and changing the way I eat. I have never felt better than when I was eating food that was either raw or made from scratch. It makes sense, much less work for my body to get nutrients!

This morning I choked down a scrambled egg and made a smoothie with spinach, chard, kale, strawberries, banana, peach, and blueberry with 2 tbs of peanut butter. I actually had quite a bit of energy all morning from it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Long night

Three nights ago, Arie slept 5 hours straight. Longest stretch ever.

Then two nights ago, he slept from 9-12, diaper change and nurse, then 12-6:30am!!! Then 6:30-8:30.

Last night he slept from 8:30-12ish and then woke up hourly until 2:30. He needed to be changed, so I did. Tried to nurse him back down and he just wouldn't stop fussing and I picked him up to reposition and found that he had filled his diaper with pee again and soaked his clothes. Another diaper change and clothes change and he was almost asleep a dozen times but just couldn't quite get there. Finally at 5, with Jack's alarm, I got up and made him a banana and some oatmeal that he gobbled down.

At about 6:30, he fell back asleep after 2 poopy diapers and nursing on my lap. I keep meaning to go get back in bed but I just don't know if I'll be able to fall back to sleep. I need to try though because I don't think I will function very well on this little sleep.

I'm really trying to get Arie to fall asleep in bed so that I don't have to climb in and out of bed to move him. He seems to sleep wayyyy better that way. Plus I am getting too big and too uncomfortable to gracefully move around and climb in and out of bed without waking him.

I know that when #2 comes, it will be challenging, but I won't be pregnant so I won't at all need as much sleep, and my back and hips won't hurt like this and my belly won't need a pillow wedged underneath it for support.

My mom commented yesterday that the babies will wake each other up in the night if they are in the same room. First, duh. Second, we aren't the first parents to deal with this. Third, let us worry about it. And fourth, not one of us is ready for Arie to be in his own room and most certainly we wouldn't put a newborn in a room alone.

I guess I should really try to get back to sleep. I'm hoping Arie will sleep another 2-4 hours. And, I have a lot that I would like to get done today around the house.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Midwife appointment

I thought I had already written this blog post! Silly pregnancy brain, I guess!

My appointment was at 4:30pm on Friday and since I had dropped Jack off at work, I picked him up on the way to my appointment.

Everything went great. I measured 29/30 weeks when I'm only 25 weeks though. My blood pressure was 105/50. My weight gain is totally normal and now completely understandable as I have grown 10 weeks worth in only 4-5 weeks!

Nothing too exciting really happened, which is a great thing because now that my morning sickness is gone, I'm having a very uneventful pregnancy!

We talked about nutrition and physical health. It really wasn't anything new to me, I have done it before and I have done the research too.

I'm still very excited about this, and it's fun to talk about it. I'm glad everything is going so well too.

I need to order my birth kit and we are renting a birth pool and getting a liner.

The highlight of the appointment was definitely Eileen asking Jack if he had any questions, and he asked her if she had any placenta recipes! Oh Jack, always the jokester. But, I really am considering placenta encapsulation so the question wasn't that crazy.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rocking baby

Jack thought he would be helping by sleeping on the couch after working late, so he didn't wake Arie when he came to bed.

I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or if Jack not coming in actually helped. Arie fell asleep at about 9pm and then woke up once or twice between then and 2am when I woke up and realized Jack wasn't there. Arie woke up at 3 & I went downstairs to get Jack because he wasnt answering his phone at all.

I just completely lost my train of thought because for the last hour plus I have been rocking in the dark trying to get Arie back to sleep. He's finally asleep now but it's not a deep sleep. Jack's alarm goes off in about 40 minutes. I am sure I will still be rocking.

I think where I was going with this post was how sweet it is to get some cuddles from this little guy while there's still just one baby.

Every day, I go back and forth on realizing that there is another child coming very soon. One day, very soon, I will have two babies to rock.

How did we go from no babies and only a dream of conceiving to having a one year old and in 3 months, a newborn?

Will this baby be a boy or a girl? Will that matter?

When I have this baby at home, I won't need a "coming home outfit" and I don't have to stress about driving with a brand new baby. I wonder if this baby will be jaundiced too or if the June sunshine will help clear that up much faster than sun through a window did for Arie.

Every day now, as I go through the motions, I wonder what it will be like to labor and deliver completely at home. Will I use this bathroom or that bathroom, will I be trying to do chores and take care of Arie while I'm in labor? Will it all happen at night and my mom will be the one upstairs rocking Arie and Jack and I will be downstairs?

Will I feel supported and content with my midwife and her team to let Jack sleep if he needs to and I'll just do my thing? Will I feel more comfortable because I'm at home? Will this labor be easier on Jack?

Tomorrow I finally have my first midwife appointment with Eileen. I'm excited and I feel like we have so much to catch up on and talk about.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Arie

It's already March 7th, but your birthday was great.

You woke up with a smile on your face and you had a chocolate banana muffin that I made especially for your birthday. We played with toys until Gramma came over and then we headed to see the chiropractor.

You were all out of sorts and so were Mommy and Gramma. We planned to go shopping for your playroom today but stopped to get lunch. You shared mamas fries and soup and chicken sandwich.

After that, we went and visited with your great Aunt Impy. She was very happy to cuddle with you on your birthday and you were very happy to show her all of the things she needs to baby proof for your second cousin, Brennan.

We stopped at Meijer next and decided that the only way we were going to find exactly what Mama was picturing for your play room was to go to ikea. You slept the whole drive there, even though Mama got lost and took a 10 minute detour. We shopped in the baby section and got you everything that looked fun.

After shopping we headed home and you didn't fall asleep but you didn't cry the whole hour and 15 minute drive home. Daddy was so happy to see you when we got home. Gramma went home and Daddy put together all of your stuff that we bought. You were very interested to help Daddy.

You fell asleep with Mama and Daddy finished putting the last of your new goodies together.

I just rocked you and rocked you. <3

I can't help but think about what a milestone one year feels like as a parent. We have parented with no regrets.

We rock you as long as you need to peacefully sleep, never one time have you cried it out. We pull over if you cry while we are driving. You are breastfed on demand and you are eating all sorts of different table foods. On your birthday you even figured out how to use a straw and I started giving you fruit smoothies!

You still nurse throughout the night. You have grown at your own pace and we stuck to our gut that even though you're skinny, you're a very healthy boy. You don't sleep through the night at all, but you just wake up to nurse and if we don't take you to the chiropractor at least once a week, you only need to be rocked to sleep and then maybe one more time in the middle of the night.

We carry you and wear you in carriers as much as we can, keeping you as close as we can. You love to be close to us, especially to your Mama.

You are still cloth diapered and we still love it. We love that its what's best for you to not have a bunch of nasty chemicals on your skin and we love that we save money that we can use on things like making you a great toy room or buying you a rocking horse and a tricycle.

I don't regret one sleepless night baby boy, I know that we have given you everything you needed exactly when you needed it. You still don't sleep unless you're snuggled right up to Mama and that's just fine if that's what you need. I know you aren't going to be my little baby forever and you are a happy boy because we follow your lead and trust you to let us know what works best for you.

I love you special boy. There aren't words to describe how much you mean to us and how thankful and grateful we are for you. You are so much more than we could have ever hoped and dreamed for and we thank God for you every day. He knew what He was doing while He molded us as we waited for you.

You're going to be a big brother soon and I think you will be the best brother anyone ever had. You're so sweet and interested in all of your baby friends that I know you will love meeting your brister. I'm so blessed to be your Mama.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Everything rescheduled

Eileen called this evening to let me know that she's sick and wanted to put off my check up a few days, so now instead of Monday at 6:30, it's on Friday at 4:30pm.

I plan to call tomorrow and ask to reschedule my MW appointment for the ABC midwives because I really don't want to drive out there and spend $25 on the copay plus probably $10-15 in fuel. Especially if I'm 100% planning on a home birth with Eileen, which I am.

I *want* to take Arie to Dr Gage tomorrow so that he sleeps well, but I hate how much has costs. It costs me about $8 to drive there and back. Thankfully, Arie's adjustment is free, but it's a lot of money in fuel. I have to make myself get up and do that tomorrow. I just need to think of another errand to run while I'm out so that it's not a complete waste of a trip.

Tuesday is Arie's FIRST birthday!! It's really exciting and I can't believe that we have a one year old. I'm so happy and proud of us that we stuck to our ideals and parented with no regrets. We didn't get pushed into anything we weren't comfortable with with Arie. We have bed shared for a year! And I have been breastfeeding for a year! Woohoo! Feels like a lot of great accomplishments.

Tuesday, my mom is coming over and we are driving to Canton to shop at Ikea for the playroom. I found some super cute stuff online for super cheap that I can't wait to pick up. I think this will be a really fun way to spend Arie's birthday.

I just hope I can keep up my energy! Today after throwing up breakfast, I still ate a pancake and a little bit of fruit after so I didn't have a completely empty stomach. We went to Target to pick up a couple things and browse organizing and storage things and didn't see anything we liked. By the time we got home, I was super thirsty and so tired that I ended up laying down for almost an hour while Jack played with Arie.

I think that's the whole week's plans. I'm exhausted now and I think I will just crawl into bed since Arie has been sleeping since 6:50ish and it's 7:30!

24 Weeks Pregnant w/#2

This week, Baby is:

How far along? 24weeks pregnant!

Due date: 6.23.13

Maternity clothes? yes

Sleep: meh.

Weight gain: +13.

Best moment this week: Just feeling baby all the time.

Food cravings: Sweets... time to let it go because I'm officially starting my diary & soy free diet.  I'm finishing up the last few things in the house and not buying any more.

Movement: Every day.

Symptoms: Just threw up breakfast today.

Labor Signs: nope

Stretch Marks: yep, leftover stripes from Arie man

Swelling? I'm not sure.  My rings are still too big.

Belly Button in or out? in but it's starting to get stretched and pop a little!

What I miss: my jeans

Feeling toward Pregnancy: I don't like the weight gain.... it's weird to go diary and soy free for a nameless, sexless, faceless child. :/

What I am looking forward to: my first home birth midwife appointment and getting our taxes done so we can get that return ASAP.

Milestones: VIABILITY!

News: First homebirth midwife appointment is tomorrow!

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's March first

It's really amazing how the days just tick by. It's March first which means I'm about to have a one-year-old and in 3-3 1/2 months, I will have another newborn.

I planned to go dairy free starting March first but I was not successful today. Mainly, we had no groceries, so I couldn't cook any food and we had really nothing that I could eat.

I also discovered that I find my future child, even though I feel him or her every day, still very abstract. It was not difficult for me to stay dairy and soy free for Arie when the fruits of my sacrifice and the effects of mistakes were very visible almost immediately. With baby #2, it's difficult to sacrifice for a faceless, nameless and sexless child. I know I'm going to have a baby, but I don't know this baby yet.

This was really the first time that Team Green has had any sort of draw backs.

This weekend Jack has to work tonight (as its almost 10pm!) and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night for a big release on Sunday. He said he will probably end up working 60 hours this week.

I'm trying to find something to do tomorrow so that he can either go in to work and not feel guilty that I'm home with Arie all day, or get out of the house so that he can have peace and quiet to work. I know he won't get anything done if we are home with him.

Arie had a pretty difficult day today, I think his eye teeth are coming in. This is the first time in teething that he has really struggled. He just wants to cuddle and nurse constantly and doesn't want to eat.

Tomorrow I want to get some fruit bars so he can have something cold. I would like to find some Popsicle molds so I can make my own for him.