Sunday, March 3, 2013

Everything rescheduled

Eileen called this evening to let me know that she's sick and wanted to put off my check up a few days, so now instead of Monday at 6:30, it's on Friday at 4:30pm.

I plan to call tomorrow and ask to reschedule my MW appointment for the ABC midwives because I really don't want to drive out there and spend $25 on the copay plus probably $10-15 in fuel. Especially if I'm 100% planning on a home birth with Eileen, which I am.

I *want* to take Arie to Dr Gage tomorrow so that he sleeps well, but I hate how much has costs. It costs me about $8 to drive there and back. Thankfully, Arie's adjustment is free, but it's a lot of money in fuel. I have to make myself get up and do that tomorrow. I just need to think of another errand to run while I'm out so that it's not a complete waste of a trip.

Tuesday is Arie's FIRST birthday!! It's really exciting and I can't believe that we have a one year old. I'm so happy and proud of us that we stuck to our ideals and parented with no regrets. We didn't get pushed into anything we weren't comfortable with with Arie. We have bed shared for a year! And I have been breastfeeding for a year! Woohoo! Feels like a lot of great accomplishments.

Tuesday, my mom is coming over and we are driving to Canton to shop at Ikea for the playroom. I found some super cute stuff online for super cheap that I can't wait to pick up. I think this will be a really fun way to spend Arie's birthday.

I just hope I can keep up my energy! Today after throwing up breakfast, I still ate a pancake and a little bit of fruit after so I didn't have a completely empty stomach. We went to Target to pick up a couple things and browse organizing and storage things and didn't see anything we liked. By the time we got home, I was super thirsty and so tired that I ended up laying down for almost an hour while Jack played with Arie.

I think that's the whole week's plans. I'm exhausted now and I think I will just crawl into bed since Arie has been sleeping since 6:50ish and it's 7:30!

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