Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Arie

It's already March 7th, but your birthday was great.

You woke up with a smile on your face and you had a chocolate banana muffin that I made especially for your birthday. We played with toys until Gramma came over and then we headed to see the chiropractor.

You were all out of sorts and so were Mommy and Gramma. We planned to go shopping for your playroom today but stopped to get lunch. You shared mamas fries and soup and chicken sandwich.

After that, we went and visited with your great Aunt Impy. She was very happy to cuddle with you on your birthday and you were very happy to show her all of the things she needs to baby proof for your second cousin, Brennan.

We stopped at Meijer next and decided that the only way we were going to find exactly what Mama was picturing for your play room was to go to ikea. You slept the whole drive there, even though Mama got lost and took a 10 minute detour. We shopped in the baby section and got you everything that looked fun.

After shopping we headed home and you didn't fall asleep but you didn't cry the whole hour and 15 minute drive home. Daddy was so happy to see you when we got home. Gramma went home and Daddy put together all of your stuff that we bought. You were very interested to help Daddy.

You fell asleep with Mama and Daddy finished putting the last of your new goodies together.

I just rocked you and rocked you. <3

I can't help but think about what a milestone one year feels like as a parent. We have parented with no regrets.

We rock you as long as you need to peacefully sleep, never one time have you cried it out. We pull over if you cry while we are driving. You are breastfed on demand and you are eating all sorts of different table foods. On your birthday you even figured out how to use a straw and I started giving you fruit smoothies!

You still nurse throughout the night. You have grown at your own pace and we stuck to our gut that even though you're skinny, you're a very healthy boy. You don't sleep through the night at all, but you just wake up to nurse and if we don't take you to the chiropractor at least once a week, you only need to be rocked to sleep and then maybe one more time in the middle of the night.

We carry you and wear you in carriers as much as we can, keeping you as close as we can. You love to be close to us, especially to your Mama.

You are still cloth diapered and we still love it. We love that its what's best for you to not have a bunch of nasty chemicals on your skin and we love that we save money that we can use on things like making you a great toy room or buying you a rocking horse and a tricycle.

I don't regret one sleepless night baby boy, I know that we have given you everything you needed exactly when you needed it. You still don't sleep unless you're snuggled right up to Mama and that's just fine if that's what you need. I know you aren't going to be my little baby forever and you are a happy boy because we follow your lead and trust you to let us know what works best for you.

I love you special boy. There aren't words to describe how much you mean to us and how thankful and grateful we are for you. You are so much more than we could have ever hoped and dreamed for and we thank God for you every day. He knew what He was doing while He molded us as we waited for you.

You're going to be a big brother soon and I think you will be the best brother anyone ever had. You're so sweet and interested in all of your baby friends that I know you will love meeting your brister. I'm so blessed to be your Mama.

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