Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Long night

Three nights ago, Arie slept 5 hours straight. Longest stretch ever.

Then two nights ago, he slept from 9-12, diaper change and nurse, then 12-6:30am!!! Then 6:30-8:30.

Last night he slept from 8:30-12ish and then woke up hourly until 2:30. He needed to be changed, so I did. Tried to nurse him back down and he just wouldn't stop fussing and I picked him up to reposition and found that he had filled his diaper with pee again and soaked his clothes. Another diaper change and clothes change and he was almost asleep a dozen times but just couldn't quite get there. Finally at 5, with Jack's alarm, I got up and made him a banana and some oatmeal that he gobbled down.

At about 6:30, he fell back asleep after 2 poopy diapers and nursing on my lap. I keep meaning to go get back in bed but I just don't know if I'll be able to fall back to sleep. I need to try though because I don't think I will function very well on this little sleep.

I'm really trying to get Arie to fall asleep in bed so that I don't have to climb in and out of bed to move him. He seems to sleep wayyyy better that way. Plus I am getting too big and too uncomfortable to gracefully move around and climb in and out of bed without waking him.

I know that when #2 comes, it will be challenging, but I won't be pregnant so I won't at all need as much sleep, and my back and hips won't hurt like this and my belly won't need a pillow wedged underneath it for support.

My mom commented yesterday that the babies will wake each other up in the night if they are in the same room. First, duh. Second, we aren't the first parents to deal with this. Third, let us worry about it. And fourth, not one of us is ready for Arie to be in his own room and most certainly we wouldn't put a newborn in a room alone.

I guess I should really try to get back to sleep. I'm hoping Arie will sleep another 2-4 hours. And, I have a lot that I would like to get done today around the house.

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