Monday, March 11, 2013

Midwife appointment

I thought I had already written this blog post! Silly pregnancy brain, I guess!

My appointment was at 4:30pm on Friday and since I had dropped Jack off at work, I picked him up on the way to my appointment.

Everything went great. I measured 29/30 weeks when I'm only 25 weeks though. My blood pressure was 105/50. My weight gain is totally normal and now completely understandable as I have grown 10 weeks worth in only 4-5 weeks!

Nothing too exciting really happened, which is a great thing because now that my morning sickness is gone, I'm having a very uneventful pregnancy!

We talked about nutrition and physical health. It really wasn't anything new to me, I have done it before and I have done the research too.

I'm still very excited about this, and it's fun to talk about it. I'm glad everything is going so well too.

I need to order my birth kit and we are renting a birth pool and getting a liner.

The highlight of the appointment was definitely Eileen asking Jack if he had any questions, and he asked her if she had any placenta recipes! Oh Jack, always the jokester. But, I really am considering placenta encapsulation so the question wasn't that crazy.

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