Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mom is a 24 hour a day thing

Arie woke up last night at midnight with a fever and super congested. I slept/didn't sleep and held him in the recliner all night so that he could sleep inclined.

He was feeling sick all day today and now we are back at it. He has had two doses of Tylenol, but his fever was only 101.4. He felt like it was much higher.

I changed his diaper and put him in lighter clothes and we turned the fan on low. He is still heavily congested and the two times that I've fallen asleep tonight, he's woke me up gasping or choking on his phlegm. It's so much scarier and harder to care for sick little ones at night.

I barely slept last night and that appears to be on the agenda for tonight too. Jacks alarm goes off in about 4.5 hours so maybe he will get up and rock him so I can sleep for a couple of hours before Jack goes to work.

It sucks with Arie being so congested because he's having a really hard time nursing too. I hate this so much and I wish there was a way I could take it away for him.

My butt hurts though and Arie is laying kind of on my belly and #2 seems pretty ticked about it. I also have to pee really bad, but I'm hoping I can put off moving and peeing for a couple more hours so that Arie gets some quality sleep.

Thank God he is no longer burning up though.

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