Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not Compromising My Faith

In the words of Joe Dirt's Mama, "Is this where you wann' be when Jesus comes back?"

I do not apologize for my beliefs or my convictions as a follower of Christ.  I only answer to One and that's not my friends, family, or neighbors.

I have been googling since Christmas time about ways to handle family that celebrates differently and expects you to compromise what you want and believe for the sake of their beliefs or traditions.  Everywhere out there is little anecdotes saying that maybe as parents, you should compromise your beliefs, try not to be a kill-joy, what's the harm in a little bit of fun?

I cannot teach my child that Santa is real, the Easter Bunny is real, and then try to tell him at the same time that Jesus is real.

In a world that falls further to the dark side every single day, that moves farther away from God's Truth and Righteousness, why would I add to that confusion?

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  1. I so understand how you feel!
    I recently had lady (from our church!) ask me "so tell me... Why should a child believe in Jesus and who He is, when your telling him about Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, etc? Why should he believe that Jesus is real when you lie to him about the other made up stuff?" I simply looked at her and said "my husband and I actually don't tell our kids that Santa or the Easter bunny (etc...) is real. We tell him each of those characters are make believe and all in fun." Made me so mad.

    Then at a moms group we spoke about Easter and what we did. Each mom talked about the Easter egg hunt and how they're worried their child is catching onto the fact it's a hoax. Made me feel sick to my stomach. I then proceeded to tell them how I went to church not once but twice on the weekend, on Friday and Monday and how it was incredible.

    I bless you and encourage you in the decisions you make and how to raise your kids. You have to do what's best for your family. One thing I may consider doing with our boys is the 3 wise men gift idea.

    Thanks for being so real and honest, especially about your faith!! Love it!


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