Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bed time / crib success

I need to brag about our bed time/crib sleeping success before I go back to sleep!

I think Arie fell asleep after nursing at about 9pm, and I was watching videos on my phone while rocking him (hello, headphones!! How have I done this without you for 13 months?!) and I finally set Arie in his crib at 10. I went to sleep at 10:45pm and Arie slept in his crib until almost 2am!!

I got up and brought him in bed and nursed him and he tossed and turned for probably 20-25 minutes and we checked his diaper and he had leaked and his clothes were wet. So we got up to change him and then I rocked him back to sleep and caught up on some more YouTube subscriptions and I just set Arie back down at about 3am. He's back in his crib!!

Of course, as I was laying here, before thinking to blog about it, I noticed that our bedroom door was wide open. This is not unusual, as the dogs and cat come and go as they please. However, tonight, my paranoid mom brain realized that if Arie is not in bed and right next to me, someone could sneak in and take him.

I got back out of bed and closed and locked the bedroom door. Sorry animals!

Ahhh the irrational mom brain! How on earth do parents sleep with their children in another room, or, God forbid, another FLOOR?! Thank God Jack totally agrees that it's not time for Arie to be in his own room yet. I think he's happy this crib transition is working out well so far, but definitely is not time to move him to his own room!

So before I waste another good night's sleep, I am going to attempt to get this almost-29-weeks-pregnant-belly comfortable and see if I can't go back to sleep!

I'm really glad we waited until it was the right time for Arie and the right time for me to try the crib again. It's slightly more challenging trying to get up quickly with a big belly or sitting up fast every time I hear a peep, but I think it's the right time anyway.

Could he possibly start sleeping through the night before baby number two comes? We can dream ;)


  1. Hey!
    Love following you on YouTube and now reading your blog! Quick question, what are your plans when it comes to sleep arrangements once baby #2 arrives?


  2. I LOVE this! I feel the same way. Even though my boys are older, I still go check on them in the middle of the night. And Quinn is right next to me all night. A blessing and a challenge all at the same time. But these days do fly by.


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