Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bed time.

It's 7:51pm and I've been rocking and nursing for 15-20 minutes now.

Also, how is it that Arie is 13 months old tomorrow and I just now thought to use headphones with my phone so I can watch videos? At least I figured that out before June :)

Arie refused steak and asparagus for dinner and got scrambled eggs instead. :/ now I'm the mom who makes my kid something special to eat. Oh well. Add that to the list of things I didn't expect to be doing.

I need to be productive tomorrow. I want to go to the chiropractor and I have a bunch of housework that I would like to get done.

And I don't know if Arie has nursed more today, or what is going on, because my nipples are SORE again. They were like this for a while earlier in my pregnancy. The problem now is when he wants to nurse for 30+ minutes. It's like mentally and physically, I just can't take it now. I have to do my best to distract myself while he's pinching and scratching me as he falls asleep.

8:20, he's asleep. I was starting to get cramps and had to unlatch him. I put him up on my shoulder and the cramps were pretty painful, but he's finally asleep and now I feel like the uterine cramps are calming down and I can relax a little and rock him until he's completely asleep . I'm going to attempt the crib again but it might be a different story since he's chest to chest with me and will notice when my warmth is gone. :/ we will see.

8:45pm, put him in his crib. Now I'm going to attempt to get some sleep unlike staying up all night like last night!

9:45pm, I was dead asleep and disoriented when Arie woke up and cried. I got out of bed and brought him in with me. Jack hadn't even come to bed yet. He was up around 12, and then about 3, he sat up, wide awake and grunted the way he does when he's up for the day. I woke up to see him leap towards Jack's face and start smacking him in excitement.

He was soaking wet, so Jack got up and changed him. When he brought him back, I tried to nurse him back to sleep, I tried Rubbing and patting and cuddling, but Arie kept tossing and turning. I got up to rock him and for an hour he wouldn't go to sleep and I got up and changed him again. Soaking set again. I guess I still don't have to wonder if I've lost my supply...

It's now 4:57, Jack's alarm keeps going off and for some reason, Arie won't fall completely back to sleep. I'm waiting for Jack to get up for the day and hoping he will get me some strawberries, a banana and a bagel because I'm starving!

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