Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hungry! And baby sleep!

Arie fell asleep around 8pm and I think was fully asleep by 8:30pm. At about 10pm, we got into bed. I nursed him again because he woke up from the jostling. At about 11, I got up to pee. I woke up to pee again at 3:30am and Arie woke up a few minutes after I got back in to bed. So that's 7 hours!! Weee!

And I've noticed that I've been hungry! I think it's likely two-fold. I just started dairy free again on Sunday, so I'm going through transition and a detox of sorts where my body is used to me grabbing whatever's fastest and closest and having to process that food, to having to plan meals and consciously decide to eat healthy foods.

Also, I'm adjusting to cooking dairy free foods again and not every meal is a raving success, so I think I'm eating less at each meal. I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner and I accidentally boiled the potatoes for too long and when I mashed them (to make them dairy free, I just used their own cooking liquid) they turned gummy! Even Arie wouldn't eat them. The meatloaf was good though!

I changed Arie at about 4am and have been rocking him since. He's not falling back to sleep peacefully, but he has been fighting some kind of bug for days and I think he just doesn't feel good and is uncomfortable.

I'm hungry though and wishing I had a snack. Before I got in to bed, I had Jack bring me a banana. Now I wish I had something up here that I could munch on.

As I'm sitting here, I'm looking around the room, wondering how to rearrange for making room for baby #2. I think I need to draw up a couple room diagram ideas. I think I want to add a pack n play in here so that I have a place to set baby while I'm rocking Arie. I can see a couple sleepless months in mine and Jack'a future for sure as Arie gets used to me being up and out of the bed.

This is going to be a trip.

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