Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can't keep anything straight

I don't even know how to describe my state of mind these days because my vocabulary just doesn't include the right word. I don't ever know what day of the week it is, I have to write multiple lists for the simplest tasks to be completed and even then, it's still not guaranteed. 

I can't imagine how frustrating it is to try to communicate with me these days. 

I will be 35 weeks pregnant on Sunday and I just feel like there's just not enough time left. I have a bunch of ring slings that I would like to make for the natural parenting sale that I'm participating in on June 1st (at least, I think it's June first, who really knows lol) and I wanted to make 4 pacifier clips and a ton of cloth wipes. I feel like I have probably 4 solid days of sewing! 

Also, I've fallen in love with the woven wrap conversions into soft structures carriers. I made myself a Mei Tai when I was pregnant with Arie and it never was quite right. I'm attempting a woven Mei Tai with the wrap style ties. I got about 65% done with it tonight and then it was way after Arie's bedtime and it took everything in me to stop and take him to bed. 

I can't stop thinking about all the sewing I want to do. 

I also can't stop thinking about all of the cleaning that I want/need to do. 

Yesterday, I did a major upstairs clean. I organized and cleared out the whole upstairs. In doing so, while putting away all of the laundry, I noticed that Jack's clothes were in ROUGH shape. I went shopping today and bought him new underwear, socks and a new work shirt. 

I also bought Arie a new outfit which really was the last thing he needs, especially after getting all of his laundry done and hung up, he has so many clothes. If this baby is a girl, I don't even know what we will do with the massive amounts of clothing!! 

I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow and for the first time in a couple weeks, I really feel like I need the adjustment everywhere. My mom is going with me, so the chiropractor should be able to concentrate on me without worrying about chasing Arie around. 

I also have a midwife appointment tomorrow. 

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