Monday, May 27, 2013

Every Day it Gets Closer

I know I'm in the home stretch now. I know that most women are just so ready to have their babies by this point too. 

Physically, it is difficult to be this pregnant and care for a 1 year old. The chasing and bending are exhausting. Plus, Arie has been teething and the last few nights have been pretty rough. 

I find myself praying, "Please, Lord, not today!" daily at this point. 

I'm up rocking and dealing with a feverish congested baby already, we just can't handle a newborn in the mix yet. 

I have seen this all over, but I'm feeling the typical second time mom feelings about how I need to get in extra cuddles as this is precious little time that I have left with just one child. 

At this point too, I'm not really a fan of team green. This baby just feels so distant and maybe had we known baby's sex, we would have better been able to picture how things will change. Maybe just that one small thing would have helped a little. I don't know. 

We are so close at this point, there's no reason to give up now. Maybe that moment will be worth it. Maybe that moment will make it all real. (What a bizarre thing to think! Of course it will be REAL when I birth this child!!) 

I am ready to have my milk back with Arie. I'm hoping nursing two as my supply comes in gives me a super supply and that Arie fattens up a little bit. 

I wonder if number two is going to be long and thin like Arie or maybe this will be our pork chop baby. 

Jack took that this afternoon at his parents house. I can't explain my facial expression besides the sun :) 

I feel unbelievably huge at this point. I am about a pound under the weight I was when we conceived Arie, so 45 pounds less than when I delivered him! I don't understand why my stretch marks on my belly are getting longer! My poor skin! I hope I can bounce back!


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