Sunday, May 5, 2013

Road trip with cloth diapers

This is our second road trip with cloth diapers. It really is no big deal when you have access to a washing machine!

My friend had her second baby 6 weeks ago and we wanted to come meet the baby and take another little trip before our second baby came.

On Friday morning, we got up a little before 8 & I realized that it was the day of my best friend's c-section, so we were going to have to leave for Indiana a few hours later than planned.

We got all packed up and left the house and headed to target to grab some organic granola bars and Kroger for some organic fruit for the weekend and then we headed to the hospital to wait with the family for the news.

What an awesome experience, Ashley's husband, Eric, came out into the waiting room and announced, "It's a girl!!" So awesome!

After that we waited until Ashley & baby Charlotte were safely in recovery and we went in to visit. We stayed only a few minutes and I got a picture of Arie looking
very disapprovingly down at Charlotte.

We left the hospital and headed down to Indiana, arriving at about 8:30pm. Arie stayed up until 11 and we all finally crashed and went to bed. We took the kids to the park and hung out and enjoyed the day yesterday and took a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. I also did my diaper laundry yesterday throughout the day.

Last night was another pretty late night and we got up at about 7:30 to get showered and packed and breakfast and we headed back home this morning.

Aside from being very pregnant and uncomfortable in the truck for that long, the trip was awesome. Arie was okay with me holding baby Lexie and he enjoyed playing with Braydon's huge toy stash.

It was mind boggling to be around a newborn again, especially because I will be there again so soon.

While Lexie slept in the living room, Jack commented that he didn't remember that stage of Arie's... I told him that's because I held him constantly. There was no sleeping in a cradle for that boy :P

In the end, I'm glad we took a weekend to go down there and meet the new baby while she's still a squish!

And, cloth diapering for the second time out of town was still no big deal. On the road for 6 hours is no different than being out all day with cloth, and my laundry routine stayed exactly the same and on the same schedule.

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