Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trying something different at night

Tonight we are trying something different. First, we went to bed early. Arie was asleep by 7pm. 

My goal was to get Luke out of the room as fast as possible each time he rouses so that he doesn't wake up Arie. 

The first two feedings for Luke were successful and Arie didn't wake up. Then Arie woke up and my right breast has been super engorged and was leaking, so I was happy to nurse. Then Luke started to rouse and Jack kept him happy as long as possible so I could nurse as long as possible. 

I unlatched Arie and quickly rolled over and grabbed Luke from Jack and rushed out of the room. I took him to the nursery and sat down on the floor and nursed him. Before I was even done nursing him on the first side, Arie had already stopped crying. Success!! 

It's been about a half an hour since and I've changed Luke and nursed switching sides three more times and its been completely quiet upstairs so I think Arie and Jack are back to sleep!!

Luke is drifting in and out right now and I don't want to risk waking Arie so I'm going to stay downstairs until I'm completely sure that Luke is asleep. 

4 more hours and Jack will be getting up to go back to work! I really hope this works and Arie stays asleep so Jack gets some sleep!!

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