Monday, July 15, 2013

One Month Update

One Month Update

  • Cloth Diapering
    • Daily diaper laundry! I really wish that I had a second washing machine.  Still haven't slowed down on washing, and the busier I get each day, the less likely that ill have time to actually stuff the diapers before they're about to go on a bum. 
    • Medium sized wet bags only cut it if the trip out of the house is 2 hours or less. 
    • I think I might do a check list of how many diapers we change of Arie & Luke just to guess how much money we are saving by cloth diapering. 
  • Tandem Breastfeeding
    • Still leaking quite a bit. 
    • My supply is keeping up just fine with two nursing on demand. Between the two, I don't go more than two hours in between. 
    • Arie and Luke are visibly fattening up... Luke went from 7lbs 6.9oz at birth to 9lbs 6oz last night. Arie has also had a growth spurt. 

    • I'm pretty stinking amazed at my body and ability to breastfeed two kids!
    • I have felt like a circus act more than once while juggling both. People are genuinely curious about how 2 nursing works. 
    • I'm getting better at nursing both at the same time. It makes for less stressful situations!

  • Sleep
    • LOL.  What sleep?
    • No, seriously.
    • The lack of sleep is catching up with me and I get grouchy. 
    • Arie goes slightly longer than Luke between feeding at night. I definitely wish that Arie was a more independent sleeper! 
    • Arie knows what "all done" means and he will unlatch if I say that, which is nice so the nursing doesn't drag on and on. 
  • Home life - House stuff
    • The lawn needs to be mowed. 
    • There's two weeks worth of unsorted mail on the kitchen table. 
    • At least all of the bills are getting paid on time. 
    • I really wish I had a maid or daily housekeeper. I would love my house to be spotless, but it's not. And I'm dealing. 
    • I actually baked something in the past week!
    • I spoke too soon. I have been too busy to keep up on housework and having too many house guests in one week is overwhelming. 
  • Going Out and About
    • Luke hates his car seat. After a hellish mall trip today, I ordered his convertible seat in one of the parking lots I stopped in to calm him down on the way home. Hopefully that helps. 
    • I grocery shopped with both boys by myself this past week. 
    • I could not wrap them both fast enough. It was a success in that I actually shopped and I got it all unloaded and put away at home. It took me hours and hours to do all of it, but it got done. 
    • I am still trying to figure out the best baby wearing solution for out and about. Today, I wore Luke and Arie rode in the stroller. 
    • I'm churning through wraps attempting to figure out the best solution. 
      Tried this wrap conversion mei tai and it was not everything I dreamed so I sold it and bought the wrap instead. Hopefully I get quicker at wrapping, I'm sure I will with more practice! 

  • Postpartum Recovery
    • I'm feeling physically back to normal except that I feel very fluffy. 
    • I'm 7lbs above pre-pregnancy weight with Luke. I have a bit of a muffin top left in my size 8s and the size 10's are large enough to discreetly hide my holster inside my waist band for concealed carry. 
    • I think it's time to start thinking about my real postpartum weight loss goals. I have about 40lbs that I would still like to lose, which I'm sure is completely do able. Maybe I should just sit back and see what happens. By having to be dairy & soy free, my diet consists of only healthy food.  
  • Brotherly Love
    • Arie kisses all over Luke when he's in a good mood. 
    • Arie pats Luke while Luke is on my shoulder and Arie is nursing. He also seems to want to show Luke things and share with him. 

  • Marriage 
    • We are in survival mode trying to stay on top of the housework, caring for the animals and caring for the boys. Neither of us are quite ready to get back in the saddle again ;) 

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  1. 1. You are my mama hero.
    2. When we finally get pregnant with #2, be prepared for lots of BF and newborn CDing questions because I'm determined to do both this time.
    3. I'm jealous that you already have your concealed carry permit, it's a nightmare to get it in NY.


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