Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We are surviving.

The days (and nights) really have been a blur.  Between Arie and Luke waking up, we still aren't getting very much sleep. 

Arie is still waking up crying every time he wakes up, and that started with when I was in labor and couldn't get to him right away. Even when he sleeps right next to me, he still cries when he wakes up. 

Naps are pretty much non existent because Luke wakes as soon as I set him down, so I can't get Arie to nap. Very rarely do both boys nap at the same time. 

Yesterday, when Jack got home from work, Luke was sleeping on me and Jack took Arie while the workers replaced our back gutter and did some soffit work. I was able to get the most glorious nap laying down with Luke for about an hour. 

I met an old high school friend at the park yesterday morning and as we were chatting about child spacing, she said the most profound thing, "we trust God with every part of our life in our culture... Except our fertility." 

We obviously feel that way, allowing God to choose whether or not we have children and have complete control over the timing. 

It was refreshing to find someone with similar convictions and be able to chat about it. 

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