Monday, August 5, 2013

Seven Week Update

  • Cloth Diapering
    • Definitely doing diaper laundry at least once a day. It seems to work to throw the diapers in as we go to bed for the night and then either I will run the wash cycle in the middle of the night after the prewash cycle is done one of the times I'm up with the boys, or Jack will run it when he leaves for work in the morning. Or he throws the diapers in the dryer in the morning. I just threw in the diapers in the middle of the day, seemed like we did more diaper changes than normal last night and this morning. 
    • Luke seems to be outgrowing the absorbency of the yellow edge prefolds but the next size up is red and I think they are too big. :/ I am not sure what to do now. I have 18 kissaluv fitteds that seems to do the trick and fill in the gap between pocket diapers. 

  • Tandem Breastfeeding
    • Still leaking like crazy.
    • I feel like I am nursing constantly.  
    • Both boys are definitely growing. Today, Luke was 12lbs 1oz! Arie is 19lbs 8oz. 
    • I am hungry almost all the time.  Jack went grocery shopping yesterday and filled the house with a ton of fruits that I will be able to snack on easily... just need to make the right snacking choices from now on! 
    • Out and about is more stressful for me than it used to be.  At home, I have places to set one or the other where it's safe so that I can nurse the other one. Out and about, I don't have all of those options and when they both want to nurse, there's just not enough space in my truck to sit in between the car seats in the back seat and help them both. 
    • I participated in The Big Latch on on Saturday August 3, 2013! Arie was way too distracted to stay on for the entire minute. 

  • Sleep
    • Some nights are significantly better than others. 
    • Arie has been starting the nights out in the crib now which is lovely. I'm hoping that he gets used to his own bed so that we can keep him in his bed in our room and not stress about both. However, now that Arie can safely get in and out of our bed, it's not stressful to get up in the morning before him and leave him laying there sleeping.  This morning, Luke woke up over an hour before Arie and we were able to leave the room without worrying. 
    • We are really working on getting Arie on a normal nap schedule again. He used to nap in the middle of the day and then he got off of that once Luke came because I couldn't nurse him to sleep any time he wanted because sometimes Luke is crying.  Today, I nursed Arie on both sides, got his belly good and full and thought I was going to be able to rock him to sleep. After about 10 minutes of rocking, Luke woke up and I had to put Arie down, so I put him down in his crib. He fussed for a minute, but I stayed in the room and nursed Luke in the rocking chair across from Arie in the crib. Then I had to change Luke so I left the room and he fussed as I walked out the door but stopped and went over to the window and  started playing with the curtain and looking outside.  I figured as long as he was happy, I would leave him. He played for almost an hour! Then I went in to check on him because I hadn't heard him chatting in a few minutes and he was curled up and sleeping!! So... progress! Very happy progress. And Luke is sleeping right now in his swing too.  I should probably stuff diapers instead of being on the computer updating my blog. 

  • Home life - House stuff
    • Still feels like we're in over our head.  It's almost fall which means it's almost time to start cutting wood and stacking it! 
    • I'm really trying to make a conscious effort to get more housework done every day. It means a lot of Arie running around under foot and "helping" or doing housework while he's in his highchair and having Luke either in the swing or in a wrap. 
    • We got the gutters fixed this past week which was a huge stress off our back, now of course we have to pay for it... and fix all of the damage from the water... but hey, baby steps! 
    • Today I was able to even run the floor scrubber around.
    • We had Jack's mom come over yesterday and she played with Arie while I had Luke in the ring sling and I was able to bake bread, banana bread and lemon cake. 
    • I'm really purging so much stuff every week. Haven't worn this tshirt in months? TOSS.  This ratty old towel that we keep kicking around? TOSS!  Old dog toy that has never been played with? TOSS!! It's liberating and it feels like I'm making this place less overwhelming... but with the two boys we have exponentially increased the STUFF in our house and both Jack and I haaaaate all the extra crap. 

  • Going Out and About
    • The convertible seat is a billion times more comfortable for Luke and driving seems to be a little less stressful... it's still not fun at all to leave the house.
    • Jack and I went out on Saturday to the Big Latch On and then we went to Joann's to price out materials to make a dog bed and it was going to be a LOT of money to make them and it seemed more sensical to just buy them and Joann's was swamped and Luke was restless and not liking my wrap... so we left... and decided to stop at Costco on a whim, they had awesome dog beds! $27 a piece too and way bigger and nicer than were at TSC or at Petco.
    • Still trying to figure out tandem babywearing. 
    • I need to go to the post office several times a week with the Babywearing Swap & selling RS's, and I put it off until Jack gets home and ask him to go with Arie. :/ With naps between the two, it just never feels like the right time to leave the house!

  • Postpartum Recovery
    • I feel better every day.  I have a lot of energy and my body feels good.  
    • I'm 3lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. Jack and I have started our own little weight loss thing, and we are tracking our weight together so hopefully that will help motivate me to keep making good food decisions and the scale continues to go down.   

  • Brotherly Love
    • Arie kisses all over Luke when he's in a good mood. 
    • Arie is starting to say Brother or something that kinda sounds like it.
    • He isn't really jealous when I'm nursing Luke except in the middle of the night. And when I'm done and put Luke down, Arie notices and comes and asks for it.
  • Marriage 
    • Trying to not let the exhaustion get the best of us and really trying to work as a team to make it through these hard days and nights. 
    • Talked about if I didn't have such extreme diet restrictions that it would be nice to have one of our moms babysit Arie while we went out on a date night for dinner with just Luke... but, since there's no where but home that I can eat... that will have to wait until Luke can tolerate food better. 
Over all, I think we are doing alright.  My sister told me that I look like I'm happy and right where I belong... I told her that I don't take pictures of myself or have Jack take pictures when I'm screaming in frustration.  

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