Friday, September 27, 2013

Figuring out chores

Every day things are a very big challenge with two small children. 

My house is nowhere near as clean as I would like it, and as soon as I get one room clean, Arie comes running through with a bag of crackers that he stole out of the pantry, shaking it as he runs, leaving a trail of crumbs. 

Luke is so much like Arie was, it's work to keep him asleep, so if I want him to sleep during the day, I had better not move a muscle while he sleeps on me.

Since I learned how to wrap Luke on my back, that has gotten a little better. Luke will nap for a half hour to even an hour and a half. 

Back wrapping has made my life a little bit easier, but it's still very difficult. 

I can see already that this morning will be difficult. I have to boil our prefolds and that means hours of time standing in front of the stove. While I'm there, I pls to bake some bread and bake some banana bread too. I would like to bake something chocolate too. Maybe brownies, that's way less time consuming than cookies that I have to scoop and bake in intervals. Maybe a cake! I love chocolate cake. 

Yesterday, I grocery shopped with both strapped on me. I have been shopping in the same grocery store for over three years now. You would think that these employees would know me by now and not be shocked every single time, but every week, it's like it's the first time they've ever seen anything like that. 

I'm noticing a difference in my size now. I'm 7lbs below what I was when I got pregnant with Luke, 87lbs below my highest weight before I delivered Arie. 

I bought some free weights to start toning the muscles and burning fat in my arms too. 

I have 25lbs to go before I am at my long term goal weight. I'm actually not so much concerned about the weight number because I have always carried my weight differently than others. My goal size pants is a 2 or a 4. Preferably a 2. My size 8 jeans are too big on me and I haven't purchased any size 6 yet, but I may soon. I need there to be a little extra room inside the waistband to conceal carry. 

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