Friday, September 27, 2013

Perfect family weekend.

We had a perfect family weekend including getting my wedding rings sized and soldered, the cider mill, my parents visiting and helping with food and stacking wood. 

I'm so thankful for help and so thankful for the time that Jack gets off each weekend that we get to spend together. It's crazy hard to have two kids this young and cloth diapering and breastfeeding both. But weekends like this really make up for the hard moments. 

 It's so hard to get a picture of both boys. 

He really makes the most hilarious facial expressions. 

Such a big boy :) 

Had a play date on Friday morning with my best friend. I wish I got a picture of our older boys playing. It was so sweet. 

After the play date, both boys refused to nap. I really wanted to clean up a bit, so I wrapped them both up and went downstairs to vacuum. 

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head to the jewelers for my rings and to a cider mill to meet a friend in town from California whose family happened to live in the same town as our jeweler! 
Courtney & Lara were the best :) Barrett and Courtney's husband and family were pretty fabulous too! 

Arie had a blast at the cider mill! 
He was running all over the place and he couldn't believe that there were two tractors for him to see up close and touch. He kept running back and forth between them. 

Arie also got to try cider & a donut, which I think he thought were fabulous. The donuts had milk in them so I just had some cider. 

This was the best day for Arie, ever. 

After the cider mill, we picked up my rings. Success!

After we got home, both boys stayed sound asleep for more than an hour. 
Jack and I hung out by the truck with the dogs, waiting for the boys to wake up. 

I don't think we have taken a picture with just Jack and I since Arie was born. 

After the boys woke up, we picked a bunch of apples from the tree in the yard. Made some apple sauce with my mom. 

Things were quiet, and we looked up to discover this.

Then today we went to Target to pick up some cleaning supplies and bought the boys a new puzzle and some new hot wheels. 

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  1. Super cute! Even though it's fall weather here (80's - low 90's) I still like your better.


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