Saturday, October 12, 2013

4 Month Update

  • Cloth Diapering
    • Diaper Laundry goes in the wash every morning or evening.  We go about 24-36 hours between diaper laundry.
    • Still using mainly prefolds and flats with covers.  We have 2 fitted diapers and a couple all in one diapers that we use overnight. 

  • Tandem Breastfeeding
    • Still going great
    • Arie still barely eats solids... but he's still gaining on his same curve that he was, so I'm going to just go with it and assume he's getting plenty of calories.  
    • Luke is still just as chunky as ever, also going a bit longer throughout the night between nursing.
    • Arie is about 20lbs 10oz and Luke is 15lbs 9oz. 
    • I'm still struggling with consuming enough food. 

  • Sleep
    • Some nights are significantly better than others. 
    • The last 2 nights, Arie has only woken up one time to nurse.  All of his teeth have erupted so maybe that was the breakthrough we needed until his next set of molars come in!
    • We moved our king sized bed onto the floor and dumped our huge bed frame/storage drawers in the guest bedroom and we moved a twin size bed onto the floor next to the king for Arie.  We have an enormous amount of sleeping area on the floor. 

  • Home life - House stuff
    • Now that the leaves are falling and the wood needs to be cut, we are busier than ever.
    • Slowly plugging along with getting things fixed here and there, but I think this winter will be filled with lots of indoor house projects.
    • We have a to-do list a mile long.
  • Going Out and About
    • Going out still isn't fun on my stressful days.  
    • I have been mastering the back carry with Arie with a woven wrap and using a short piece of woven wrap for Luke on my front. 

  • Postpartum Recovery
    • I'm still struggling with my back and hips, still seeing the chiropractor weekly.
    • I've lost 40lbs total since Luke was born.  90lbs total since Arie was born.  I am smaller than I have been since Jack and I got married.  Feels good.
    • I bit the bullet last weekend and went to American Eagle during a big sale. I bought two new pairs of jeans! Size 6!! 

  • Brotherly Love
    • They absolutely adore each other.
    • They've started to do this thing when I put Arie on my back and then put Luke up on one shoulder to lower him down into the wrap on my front, they laugh and laugh at each other. 
    • Arie loves to dance and jump around in front of Luke to make him laugh 

  • Luke
    • Growing like a weed. He's about to bust out of his 6 month clothes in length. 
    • He's so interested in the world. He's so alert and so active while he's awake. 
    • He reaches and grabs for toys & holds things and chews on things. 
    • He's got two little bumps on his bottom gum where teeth are thinking about popping through. 
    • He loves to be held and worn. He is 100% happiest on my lap or wrapped up. The great thing about him being  #2 is that I know this does not last at all and I'm perfectly content to use the snot out of my wraps and hold my baby close. 

  • Arie
    • He plays so independently now and completely explores his surroundings. 
    • He LOVES his cars and trucks. Every time we go to target, we pick up more for him and he always knows which are new to his collection. 
    • He's talking more and more. 
    • It's really hard to get him to slow down and nap. I still rock him to sleep and it's only successful if Luke is already sleeping on me when I start rocking Arie. 
    • He's still not eating very much solid food and asks to nurse all day long. 
    • It's really hard to get a picture of him that's of his face and not blurry. He's always on the move or really intensely concentrating on what he's doing. 

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