Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I think there should be a rule that moms don't get sick, ever. 

Jack brought home a mild virus, just runny nose and general achiness. It has moved on to Arie, with the boobers everywhere. And, now, me. 

I came down with a bad sore throat last night and still this morning. Jack is off to work and I'm up rocking both boys in the rocking chair. 

Speaking of, this chair has more than paid for itself in hours of use. 

I really wish I was sleeping with the boys instead of rocking. 

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  1. Sorry girl. Quinn's sick too. She has been attached to my boob for a day now. It's crazy. I'm stuck laying in bed nursing her while my son is trying to do his school work and I'm hungry. I just texted a picture to my husband of me nursing Quinn in bed, saying I'm being held hostage. I'm so hungry. And thirsty. And my back itches.


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