Monday, October 28, 2013

Soap making & stuff

This morning, my mom came over to help wrangle the boys while I made soap. I decided to make cinnamon vanilla orange soap this time. I love my homemade soap, it's surprisingly easy and it works so well. It's all Jack and I use for ourselves and the boys. No chemicals at all!

I'm looking around on craigslist trying to find an elliptical or treadmill affordable. I've been stuck for several weeks now and I think daily cardio would make a world of difference in my health and physical appearance. It would be great for Jack too. I think I would want to put it in the basement so that we can have an ice place to concentrate on working out while undistracted. 

I'm happy being a size 6, but I think I would look the best at a size 2 or 4 for my height. I need to really tighten my ab muscles back up. 

Speaking of a plateau... I made chocolate cake for our play date tomorrow. And I plan to make peanut butter frosting. :P 

Oh well. I've lost 40lbs since Luke was born, not too shabby. 

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