Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Month Update

  • Cloth Diapering
    • Diaper Laundry goes in the wash every morning. On really good and productive days, I get other laundry done too. 
    • We switched back to pockets stuffed with prefolds for now. 

  • Tandem Breastfeeding
    • Nursing a 5 month old who is just getting his first teeth is challenging. Nursing him when you need to be paying close attention so that you don't get bit is challenging. Trying to pay attention while trying to watch a one and a half year old is challenging. 
    • Nursing a 20 month old is challenging. He doesn't sit still and frequently gets lazy and gets teeth marks around my nipple from not having his mouth open wide enough. He wants to nurse all the time and definitely nurses as much as Luke. He's not patient. 
    • Arie still doesn't each much else. I'm just rolling with it and continuing to offer him some of everything that I'm eating. Sometimes he will take a bite or two
    • Luke got two teeth. Let the biting begin! I've been bit 4 times in the last 24 hours. If Luke doesn't want to nurse, and I try to to use that to calm him, I get bit. 
    • Arie is 21lbs and Luke weighed 16lbs 6oz last night. 
    • I'm still dairy and soy free. I've joined a weight loss competition and I hope to really be strict about limiting my desserts and snacks in the next 4 weeks. I'm also going to be careful to not limit my food intake so I don't affect my supply. 

  • Sleep
    • It feels like a good night is few and far between. 
    • It's really exhausting that Arie wakes up crying every single time he wakes up at night. I think we need to start cutting off water before bed time. 
    • Floor bed is still somewhat working. It really wouldn't be a big deal if Arie didn't wake up 356832157 times at night. 

  • Home life - House stuff
    • I'm debating between buying a carpet cleaner and paying a company. The cleaner is ever-so-slightly more than one cleaning from the company.
    • I bought the carpet cleaner. Kohls was having a sale and I had a 30% off coupon, so the cost of the machine was less than one cleaning. Easy decision there. 
    • My power steering pump has started acting up, so I'm driving the vw while Jack drives his jeep to work. 
    • We have so much wood to cut, it feels almost overwhelming. 
    • We need two of me and two of Jack to even make a dent around here. 
  • Going Out and About
    • Going out still isn't fun on my stressful days.  
    • I have been mastering the back carry with Arie with a woven wrap and using a short piece of woven wrap for Luke on my front. 

  • Postpartum Recovery
    • I'm still struggling with my back and hips, still seeing the chiropractor weekly.
    • I joined a weightloss challenge. I have plateaued a little but and I have 19 more pounds that I want to lose. 

  • Brotherly Love
    • They absolutely adore each other.
    • Arie has to be watched very closely because all he wants to do is put things in Luke's mouth. 
    • Luke loves watching everything that Arie does. I can't wait to watch them play with each other as Luke is able to sit up on his own and then move. 

  • Luke
    • Growing like a weed. Hes in 9 month clothes now. 
    • He's so happy all the time. 
    • He reaches and grabs for toys & holds things and chews on things. 
    • He's decided he loves my water cups and lunges toward my cup and straw. He also will grab at any dish or cup in your hands. 
    • His two bottom teeth have broken through. One is more than the other and he has the biggest smile!

    • He still loves to be worn. He's most content in a wrap. I like him best on my back because he can see what's going on and he isn't in my way. I cook and clean with him on my back. 

  • Arie
    • He is so smart and understands so much. 
    • He LOVES his cars and trucks. He loves to drive them and make engine sounds. 
    • He's talking more and more. 
    • Naps do not happen every day but he fell asleep playing for the first time ever last week. 
    • He's still not eating very much solid food and asks to nurse all day long. 
    • It's really hard to get a picture of him that's of his face and not blurry. 

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