Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sixth Wedding Anniversary

It's really hard to believe that we have been married for 6 years. We have been through so much in our last 6 years. 

When we got married, we lived in my dad's apartment. 

On Our first anniversary, we lived in Wisconsin, but had traveled to Trout Lake, Michigan for the weekend to go to Uncle Dave & Annie's lake house. 

On our second anniversary, we had just moved back to Michigan from Wisconsin, and we were unpacking at Jack's unxle's house. 

On our third anniversary, I can't even remember what we did. We had just bought this house a few months before and we had just our in our boiler, so we were probably broke.

On our fourth anniversary, I was very pregnant, and we had just taken our foster son to live at his forever home. We went out to eat and went home to an empty and quiet house.

On our fifth anniversary, we had Arie and I had recorded a video of an "early anniversary present" for Jack, me telling him that I was pregnant again. 

Here we are. Six years married. A cat. Two dogs. A house. And two kids. It went by in a blink. 


  1. Happy Anniversary. We just had our 7 year anniversary yesterday! Time has flown by so quickly. To many more years of happiness.


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