Wednesday, December 11, 2013

For all the haters

I know that putting myself out here like I do in so many different ways opens me up to criticism. I have gotten my fair share of if, this is the internet after all, where mean and sad people can cowardly sit behind the cloak of their keyboard and spew out negativity from their fingertips. 

I don't share my life for people like that. I share my life to come alongside and lift up those who think they are alone. 

I have gone through so much and sharing my journey helps me, but more importantly, it builds up others. Me putting myself out there for all to see, all of my vulnerabilities, my weaknesses and my struggles and triumphs, help others. 

I have been sharing my life in a blog for 12 years. I've shared so much of myself. 

I have lifted up people struggling with their families. I have lifted up couples and helped to repair marriages. I have encouraged people of all faiths. I have supported moms who have gone through the loss of a child. I have supported and been right along side of the moms who desperately struggle to conceive. 

My story gives people hope for their own miracles. Sharing my story gives people all over the world hope and encouragement. 

Sharing my parenting story encourages and validates those not as confident. It encourages those with surrounded by ignorance who are being torn down by loved ones. Sharing my story shows the ignorant that their views are not the only views. 

I have been so blessed over the years to have received comments and emails from those who my story has touched. 1000s of emails and comments over the years telling me how one part or another of my story that I've shared has met them right where they are in their life. 

I share myself and my story not because I think I'm more important, but because I think we are all important and that God will use me and use my life in ways I will never predict and probably ways I'll never even know about. 

I'm not surrounded by pillars of support. I stand next to my husband on The Rock. I stand supported by my faith in Christ. 

Jesus tells us that we will be HATED because of him. And I have experienced that hate, and I'm sure that I've not experienced the last of it. 

I'm putting on the armor of God and following Him and staying true to the path He has chosen for me. 


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