Monday, December 23, 2013

Life is busy

My days are so full, I can't even believe how much I do in a day. Diapers, nursing, washing diapers and clothes, changing outfits, cooking and cleaning up... I am constantly busy. This is definitely the way I prefer it, but I just can't believe the amount I do and have to do every single day. 

I'm trying to find an indoor clothesline solution to reduce the amount that I use my dryer, too. Especially today while the power is out, I have clothes air drying everywhere and diapers hanging to dry all over the place, and that makes me wonder why I don't air dry things all the time. 

I can't believe how big the boys are getting. Luke is in 9 month clothes and sprouting up fast and Arie is finally filling out his 18 month clothes. 

Every day is awesome because both Luke and Arie reach milestone after milestone. 

My sister is here and without me telling him, he remembered from when she was here a few weeks ago on Thanksgiving that her name was Liz. He knows Mama, Dada, Lukey, Dixie, Puppy (Bessie) and now Liz by name. 

This is such an amazing thing to have children and watch them learn about themselves and their abilities, and then the world around them. I'm just so amazed. 

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