Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Everybody's sick

Except me, so far. 

Arie has been throwing up randomly since Friday or Saturday. Luke started throwing up everything about 24 hours ago. And Jack has been sick for 4 or 5 hours now. 

I'm completely covered in Lukey barf. It's 5:13 am and I've slept for maybe 2 hours total all night, not at all consecutively. Arie keeps waking up whining. Luke is not sleeping soundly. 

I just got up and changed Luke's diaper. He's wetting more last night than he did yesterday. It's 6:07am now. Luke fell asleep on the changing table and so I picked up the room and folded laundry and picked up the bathroom. I scrubbed the inside of the toilet out, but as I was filling the sink with disinfectant, Luke woke up. So now I'm rocking.  Luke threw up quite a bit in the last few hours. But he's nursed non stop, to the point where my left nipple is a little sore. 

Arie and Jack are sleeping soundly now too. 

If only I had a maid, I could at least have a hot cup of coffee while I wait for the sun to come up. 

Id rather not sleep and have my babies be sleeping soundly.