Monday, March 30, 2015

36 weeks pregnant with baby #3

This week, Baby is the size of a: I have no idea. Probably about 5-5.5 lbs
How far along? 36 weeks
Due date: 4.27.15
Total weight gain/loss: 40 something
Maternity clothes? Yes. 
Sleep: it's just my kids that make it difficult plus the 5-6 trips to pee a night. 
Best moment this past week: making it to the 36 week mark, officially green light to birth at home. 
Food cravings: nothing that I can think of 
Movement: alllllll the time 
Symptoms: symptoms haven't been too bad. Really minor and really random sporadic sciatica, which from the last few months this is a drastic improvement. Baby has moved down into my pelvis and off that joint that was causing so much pain. I have heartburn a lot more this week. Lots and lots and lots of movement and kicks if I'm in a position that baby doesn't like or if a brother is sitting on her. 
Labor Signs: nothing yet 
Stretch Marks yep, I think I may have gotten one or two new ones 
Swelling? Depends on the day 
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: being able to move fast. 
Feeling toward Pregnancy: Undecided. 
What I am looking forward to: my next appointment. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but the kids are sick so we may push it off. 
Milestones: nursing Arie right to his third birthday. 36 weeks so officially in the home stretch and can birth at home any time. I'm hoping to go at least three more weeks. 
News:  nothing 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

34 Weeks Pregnant w/#3

This week, Baby is the size of a: pineapple or something like that. 
How far along? 34 weeks 3 days
Due date: 4.27.15
Total weight gain/loss: i have no idea, but the last time I checked it was about 40lbs 😳👎
Maternity clothes? Oh yes, I'm back on to leggings and skirts because nothing else fits. 
Sleep: struggling to fall asleep, but I can usually stay asleep once I'm asleep. The boys are sleeping so much better, so that really helps. 
Best moment this past week: midwife appointment yesterday, urine looks good and blood pressure is great. 
Food cravings: sugar. Oh so much sugar! 
Movement: every day, but baby hasn't moved yet this morning since I've been up with Luke. I'm laying back down now, so maybe soon. 
Symptoms: heartburn yesterday, I have had a lot of sciatic pain in the last few weeks, but in the last week or so it's mostly disappeared. I really feel great, I have a ton of energy. 
Labor Signs: no. Starting to get BH at night. 
Stretch Marks yep, leftover stripes 
Swelling? Sometimes. 
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: not a thing
Feeling toward Pregnancy: Still in shock and a little bit of denial. 
What I am looking forward to: getting the last few items on the baby list and paying off a few more things before baby. 
Milestones: Arie weaned (I think) on 3/5, his 3rd birthday. He hasn't asked for it. It's 3/18. 
News:  home birth is still the plan. Goldie said that she is comfortable delivering for me at home 36 weeks plus. So, 1.5 more weeks and I have the green light for labor. I would like to go to 38 weeks. Goldie says be ready for 43 weeks. 😏

3 car seats across. Cleaned out my truck the day before yesterday and picked up the infant car seat from Ashley yesterday. I still need to install it, but it's hooked up to the latch one one side so it's not a projectile.