Sunday, November 22, 2015

Middle of the night blogging is my norm

I only ever seem to think of updating my blog after I have flipped through all of the proverbial channels a dozen times on my phone. Bible app. Instagram. Poker game. Facebook. Email. Delete spam. Bible app. Safari to read random blogs. 

It's nearing the end of November, Moriah will be 7 months old on November 24th. This season of the year is the fastest, by far. 

We just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. This time of year seems to magnify the pain that surrounded our wedding. I would love to have a big party for our 10th anniversary. Kinda like the wedding we didn't have and the experience we didn't have. 

Moriah has started bits of solid foods. BLW is my jam. She seems to like vegetables, definitely an eater like Luke. 

Luke has entered into a new stage. He has so much to say and he's so smart. He is also very silly and mischievous. 

Arie is growing so fast. He's learning so much and he was over the moon yesterday with all of the snow we got. I wish I had a picture of the boys playing in the snow instead of the snow itself. 

Tomorrow we are headed to an open house. If this works out, we could be well on our way to being debt free, completely!!

 We bought a van. We are having a little bit of trouble with the title, but with 17" of snow yesterday, I'm not in a huge hurry to switch to the van from my Ram. 

Liz moved back to Michigan and we are super excited about that!