Friday, May 6, 2016

7 weeks pregnant

I threw up a lot two nights ago, but nothing since! 

My biggest symptoms are exhaustion, some mild nausea, nursing aversion, nipple discomfort while nursing, sore boobs, and today, super intense round ligament pains from twisting or sitting up too fast. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Yet again, here I blog at 1am. Lots to update

I seem to only write in the middle of the night, while holding a sleeping... Usually sick baby. Tonight is no different. Moriah has a cold and has to sleep upright. So here I sit in the rocking chair, my back screaming for me to lay down, but the baby sleeping in the only position that she's been able to calls me to stay put. 

I'm 6 weeks 1 day pregnant now. It's pretty shocking still for me to even be writing that. I bid on a Doppler on eBay yesterday. I'm hoping that I'm able to find a heartbeat in the next two weeks. My first appointment with Goldie is not until 10 weeks. 

We are not "out" in public yet about the baby. We have told immediate family and some friends. I don't think anyone still reads this blog or even knows the URL, but by the fifth time you're announcing a pregnancy, those kinds of worries seem so small. 

My due date is 12/23, but given my history I'm realizing it will be more like 12/16ish. God writes such amazing stories. We lost baby Salem on 12/16/15. Potentially a year later at the anniversary of our miscarriage, we could be having another baby. 

I'm feeling pretty normal. I looked at my old pregnancy vlogs to see when the hyperemesis hit and it looks like it's during the 6th week. So I'm feeling like the clock is ticking and potentially I have minutes left until I get reacquainted with my barf bowl. 

I've been having bouts of nausea, mostly at night, but I keep trying to convince myself that these are not symptoms. Somehow I'm still not convinced that this can possibly be a viable pregnancy. 

I've tossed around the idea and even made an appointment with the midwives at the hospital where the boys were born. Part of me really wants an early ultrasound. The logical part of me does not. 

It's overwhelming to think of caring for four kids. This baby is due 3 months before Arie turns 5! It's so hard to imagine Arie being five, but it will be here in the blink of an eye.

It's truly incredible how FAST this life goes, that we can really get through any season in life clinging to Christ, as it's over in a blink. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Middle of the night rocking

This is a first... For me to be rocking at 3:45am and none of the kids are sick, and I thought to write here. 

I'm feeling some guilt about not keeping any journals or blogs of this time of our lives. I know it's been insane, but I still wish I had. 

I need to do those photobooks

So everyone is doing well, praise God. 

There is an awful bug going around that I'm desperate to avoid for all of us. 

Jack turned 35 in January, I turned 30 this month. In a couple weeks, Arie will be 4, and then Moriah will be 1 and Luke will be 3.