Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Four kids: 4 Times the Sick

We have been fighting some type of virus in this house for over a month. It has now hit Luke. Jack had it first and was in bed for several days. Then I got it and Moriah and Arie. Then Wesley who tiook a trip to the ER in an ambulance. He was diagnosed with RSV. I have been sick since February 5th myself and it's February 21st today.

Wesley is only 7 1/2 weeks old and almost 5 weeks of that has been spent with him sick or us sick and trying not to get him sick. This has been so difficult, I don't even have words.

Right now Luke is sick. Just presenting right now with a fever.

We need to go to the chiropractor tomorrow, gotta head off ear infections for the whole crew. This virus has been absolutely awful.

Wesley is up with me right now and content. Luke was just up and it looks like the ibuprofen took his fever from 103.4 to 98. I'm not big on medicating fevers but he was not sleeping and was miserable.

Wesley seems nearly fully recovered from rsv. Moriah and Arie are way better and I'm hoping another adjustment leaves their ears totally healthy again.

I feel like I can't get my footing to get my house in order because we have all been so sick. Today I think I will feel up to gathering laundry and stripping beds to wash blankets and sheets after us all being so sick.

I'm hoping that Luke will be okay to just hang out in bed and watch movies while I bustle around doing laundry and cleaning. We have watched so many movies this last month, I could throw out that stupid tv and be totally content.

Wesley is such a wonderful baby. When he's not sick, he sleeps at night and only naps during the day. Tonight because I was up with Luke, Wesley and Moriah woke up. Moriah is back to sleep and Wesley is four diapers and an outfit change in. I think he will likely go back to sleep pretty soon.

I need to write down my birth story with Wesley before I forget it completely.

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